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Our History

Farm in the Dell of the Red River Valley was formed in 2012 by a group of parents who each had a teen with a developmental
disability. Their kids were graduating soon, and about to enter a time with many unknowns – What are their next steps? What will their employment look like, or their social life?

After months of research and hard work, Farm in the Dell of the Red River Valley was officially incorporated on July 5, 2012.

Ever since, Farm in the Dell has provided meaningful employment and volunteer opportunities for individuals with disabilities in our beautiful farm and garden setting.

Below, you'll find an in-depth look at our organization's history and impact in our community over the last 10+ years.

History Timeline










Early in 2012, the group of parents learned about Farm in the Dell International, the original "Farm in the Dell" organization operating in Montana since 1986. Inspired by their mission and intrigued by their work, in March, they held an initial meeting to brainstorm the possibility of opening a Farm in the Dell location in the community, and a Board of Directors was formed. On July 5, Farm in the Dell of the Red River Valley was officially incorporated. In September, the group of parents caravanned to Montana to meet with the founder of Farm in the Dell International and to tour two active farms. Farm in the Dell’s first-ever event was held in November – “Hay! Here We Come” – and 100 curious community members attended to learn about the organization.

In May, Farm in the Dell planted its first garden on 100’ x 100’ space in south Fargo, donated by Catalyst Medical Center. Individuals with disabilities were welcomed in as volunteers to help tend to the garden. The first CSA program was launched, initially serving 21 families. By September, Farm in the Dell had officially achieved the status of a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Farm in the Dell received a life-changing donation of the land and barn that the farm currently occupies in north Moorhead – along with a house and some equipment, providing the farm with our own space to grow and expand. In September, we hosted our first-ever Fall Festival, a family-friendly event that brings the community out to the farm to celebrate our mission and harvest.

During the 2016 growing season, Farm in the Dell planted the first seedlings at the new location in Moorhead, starting out with a half-acre pumpkin patch. At this time, the operation was 'split' between the old and new locations.

In the spring, Farm in the Dell fully transitioned all garden operations to the new location in Moorhead. Along with the transition, our first-ever Garden Manager was hired to help lead farm and garden tasks. Farm in the Dell’s first-ever employees were hired for the 2017 growing season initially, a team of seven Garden Engineers. In order to direct more employees to the organization, we also started partnering with local agencies – beginning with Community Living Services, CCRI, and Anne Carlsen Center. A greenhouse was built, allowing us to start our own seedlings and extend our growing season. Additionally, we entered into a partnership with CCRI to help manage the house on the property, and four Farm in the Dell employees moved in to the home.

Our organization continued to grow, including the hire of our first Executive Director, and facility improvements that allowed us to further expand our operation.

2019 brought a flurry of activity and growth to Farm in the Dell, with the launch of our strawberry patch and the installation of facility infrastructure like drain tile, a walk-in cooler, and additional water lines that allowed the farm to expand even further. During the growing season, our garden operations continued to develop – we surpassed 100 CSAs for the first time ever, and began exploring the potential of produce sales to local schools. 

In order to focus our efforts in the garden, Farm in the Dell sold the house on the property, along with the five-acre plot that it was located on. The sale led to the farm's layout as it's known today: 25 acres of farmland, along with a barn, greenhouse, and shed. 

In the summer of 2022, Farm in the Dell branched out, and our flower patch was planted for the first time, bringing beauty and joy to the farm with dozens of varieties of flowers.



In 2023, we launched initiatives and events that intentionally welcomed our community into our space to experience the farm and share in our mission - including our Table to Farm dinners, U-Pick produce events, and more. Additionally, wholesale produce sales began, allowing us to expand and streamline produce distribution to local restaurants and schools. We also expanded our garden operation to include several boxes of honeybees, which will help pollinate both our crops and the crops of surrounding farmers.

Today, Farm in the Dell is a space where the inclusion of all abilities is appreciated and celebrated. With 25 Garden Engineers on staff, along with thousands of volunteers, partners, and veggie consumers, we have the opportunity to create a culture of growth and love for our community and God's creation.

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