Financial Donations

Make a tax-deductible financial donation. Your gifts help make everything we do possible.

Donate online:

Farm in the Dell, RRV

P.O. Box  975

Moorhead, MN 56561

Or send a check to:

CSA Program

Help our farm by purchasing through our Community Supported Agriculture program. You'll receive a box every week filled with the vegetables our employees are growing, picked up at the location of your choice.
Runs June-September; minimum of 12-14 weeks.

Donate Items

In order for our farm to be effective and efficient, there are many items that we could use. Check out our wishlist below.
Please contact us if you can help in any of these areas!
(Tax deductible receipts are available for any donations or discounted offers.)

CSA/garden supplies needed:

  • Utility wagons for green house and garden use

  • Pressure washer

  • Pitch forks (3-4, heavy duty)

  • T posts

  • Trellising panels

  • Sturdy Steel tables for CSA line (current tables are unable to handle weight requirements and in danger of falling over during production.

  • Watering trailer

  • More 5 gallon buckets

  • Wall mount oscillating fans near csa run (3-4)

  • Frost blankets

  • Portable reciprocating saw

Office Supply List at the Farm Building

  • A college sized lunchroom fridge

  • Mat temp controller for germination

Other future expenses/wish list

  • Bricks to build a retention wall around sign at end of driveway

  • large freezer(s)

  • 2nd 4 wheeler/more reliable, another small trailer if get another 4 wheeler

Gift cards for fuel are always helpful as well! A gift card allows us to choose between unleaded or diesel depending on the vehicle in need.